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Articles by Ben Jervey

Ben Jervey is a freelance reporter who covers energy, environment, and climate change from his home in Vermont or wherever the story takes him.

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LIMA, Peru — The U.N. climate summit kicked off two weeks ago with an unfamiliar sense of optimism, invigorated by the recent agreement between the United States and China. But it ended with an all-too-familiar sense of disappointment.

On early Sunday morning, delegates delivered a vague, four-page document that does little more than set the terms for what the parties will be battling over at the next big summit in Paris a year from now.

After two weeks huddled in sweaty, sweltering tents (yes, many a “greenhouse effect” joke was made), the various negotiating blocs found themselves unable to agree on a handful of major issues. So in overtime sessions over the weekend, the stickiest of the sticking points were stripped out from one draft text after the next, until very little remained.

Green groups and citizens from vulnerable, developing nations bemoaned the lack of commitment and urgency.

“The text went from weak to weaker to weakest, and it’s very weak indeed,” said Samantha Smith, WWF’s chief of climate policy.

“Make no mistake: Lima delivered a pathetically weak outcome, because developed countries like the U.S. are failing to meet t... Read more

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