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  • And I’m not talking about the Green Lantern or Green Arrow

    By all rights, being the science-fiction-loving computer geek that I am, I should be a comics fan. But I'm not, and need not be to know that Captain America is ... [spoiler alert!] ... dead.

    As The New York Times reports:

    Captain America, a Marvel Entertainment superhero, is fatally shot by a sniper in the 25th issue of his eponymous comic, which arrived in stores yesterday. The assassination ends the sentinel of liberty's fight for right, which began in 1941.

    And that fight for liberty was most recently told in Civil War, which my friend Matt (an actual comics fan) writes about on his blog:

  • Did your pick win?

    With over 20,000 people participating, the votes have been cast for the 2007 Global Warming Globie Awards. And the winners are:

    Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels (Best Performance by a State or Local Official)

    US-CAP (Best Performance in the Corporate World)

    An Inconvenient Truth (Best Film, Documentary, or Website Focusing on Global Warming)

    ExxonMobil (Worst Performance by a Corporation or Corporate Official)

    Senator James Inhofe (Most Egregious Contribution to Public Ignorance and Denial)

    Check out the site for more details and honorable mentions.

  • Goes Web 2.0

    Big Picture TV, whose tagline is "talking heads, talking sense," has relaunched its website with a significantly improved design and a nicely implemented tag system (coming soon to a Grist page near you!).

    They've migrated to Flash-based videos that can be browsed by category, tag or both, as well as speaker. And as I originally wrote, their speaker list is quite impressive.

    I'm still not a fan of the talking head video approach (I need more visual stimuli), but their new site is clean and well organized. Check it out.

  • Do you pod here often?

    Speaking of incremental improvements, Grist will be launching a weekly podcast shortly. Before we officially roll it out to the entire Grist audience, I'm hoping you Gristmillians could take a listen and provide some feedback. Specifically, we'd like to make sure that the RSS feed is working, the podcasts are downloading and playing fine, and the sound quality is good.

    If you're an iTunes user, click here to find our weekly podcast in the iTunes store. If you'd prefer to use another RSS reader or podcatcher, use this:

    Please email feedback to me at podcasts [at] grist [dot] org. Thanks, and enjoy!