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David Turnbull is the campaigns director of Oil Change International, working on campaigns to end fossil fuel subsidies, and to slow the spread of dirty energy money, extreme fossil fuels, and fossil fuel infrastructure. Prior to his current position with Oil Change, Turnbull was executive director of Climate Action Network–International, a network of 700 hundred NGOs in dozens of countries coordinating on international advocacy towards global solutions to the climate crisis.

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You may have seen the latest effort to push an All of the Above energy to a younger generation, this time by the GOP (but of course, they’re not the first to do so…ahem, President Obama…).

Well, we at Oil Change International have our own version we’d like to share with you that we think tells a more accurate picture of what All of the Above energy boosters are really all about. And after you’re done watching, be sure to send a message that you won’t stand for All of the Above climate denial.

Check out our remake:

…and here’s the original, if you haven’t seen it (warning: may cause grimaces and sighs):

Scientists have told us that we must leave some 80% of known fossil fuel reserves in the ground if we want a stable climate. All of the Above energy policy will plunge us deeper into climate chaos, and is a form a climate denial.

Sign our petition against All of the Above energy policies:

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  • Frackwater: The latest fragrance from Jerry Brown

    A new video parody, entitled “Frack Water”, portrays a Jerry Brown look-alike outside a southern California oil field accompanied by a California oil industry representative. It's the latest escalation in Oil Change International's "Big Oil Brown" campaign, pushing the governor to impose a ban on fracking for oil and gas in California.

  • Infographic: Piling up Keystone XL’s petcoke

    In the President’s recent speech on climate change, he said “our national interest will be served only if [Keystone XL] does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.” There are many reasons that the Keystone XL pipeline will clearly exacerbate the problem of climate pollution…but one that is often overlooked (at our peril) is theproblem […]

  • Arkansas: Exxon’s latest spill and spin zone

    Exxon’s top lobbyist, Ken Cohen, called my colleagues and me liars this weekend. In a post entitled “Five lies they’re telling you about the Mayflower pipeline spill,” he said: “What I thought I’d talk about today are the top five inaccuracies being spread by anti-fossil fuel activists seeking to capitalize on this unfortunate event.” That’s […]

  • Pro-Keystone XL Senate bill follows pattern of following the oil money

    Once again, a group of Senators, spearheaded by Hoeven and Baucus, has released a new bill to push for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. And, following the clear pattern set by their colleagues, the co-sponsors of this new bill have enjoyed massive contributions from the fossil fuel industry.