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Articles by Donald Carr

Don Carr is a food and agriculture writer and former senior adviser for the Environmental Working Group and senior communications manager for the Environmental Defense Fund. He helps manage his family’s farm in South Dakota, blogs at the Republic of Awesome, and tweets @donpcarr.

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Let’s assume the nascent “good food” movement had its collective shit together enough to coalesce and organize into a coherent political force like the farm lobby. The Club for Growth has famously hamstrung conservative politicians with its tax pledge and it’s not out of the question to think someday the food movement could exercise the same clout.

Yet no one is asking the candidates to talk about food. It’s paramount to get politicians who may have nuanced views on the record.

Since a consistent and organized “Food Party” doesn’t yet exist, here’s a no-way-definitive list of what I’d like to ask the candidates about their food and farm policy plans.

1. Michael Pollan, Ricardo Salvador, Mark Bittman, and Olivier De Schutter recently called for the next president to adopt a “National Food Policy.” Do you agree for the need of such a policy and if so what would it look like? How would the federal farm bill fit into your vision?

2. Is U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack a model for your cabinet post? Would you consider keeping him on?

3. The USDA recently retreated in the face of intense industry lobbying from including sus... Read more

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