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Articles by Josh Sevin

Josh Sevin is a graduate student in MIT's planning program. Previously, he was an editor at Greenwire environmental news service and a researcher for U.S. News.

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  • Trouble Right Here in River City

    5,270 large dams blocked rivers in 1950 36,500 large dams block rivers today 17 percent of U.S. rivers are currently dammed 600,000 miles of rivers in the U.S. have been impounded behind dams 235,000 miles of rivers in the U.S. have been channelized 25,000 miles of rivers in the U.S. have been dredged for navigation […]

  • The Dirt on Pesticides

    4.1 billion pounds of pesticides are used throughout the world each year 30 times more pesticides are used today than were used in 1945 30 percent of insecticides are believed to be carcinogenic 60 percent of herbicides are believed to be carcinogenic 90 percent of fungicides are believed to be carcinogenic 23 of the 28 […]

  • Twenty

    • percentage of all endangered and threatened species in the U.S. that are harmed by grazing • number of plant species that provide 90 percent of the world’s food supply • percent by which wind power production has grown per year since 1990 • percentage of Earth’s original forests that remain pristine and undisturbed • […]

  • Thirty-three

    • percent by which energy-efficient windows can cut cooling and heating bills • percentage of the world’s population living in countries experiencing moderate to high water stress • percentage of toxic water pollution caused by personal vehicle use • percentage of the world’s energy consumed by developing nations • percentage of all raw materials used […]