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Grist on the Ground

Inside the camp that’s fighting to stop the Dakota Access pipeline

In North Dakota, one tribe’s fight has sparked a movement.

Breaking news

Pipeline construction is on hold as Standing Rock Sioux Tribe loses one battle, wins another.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe lost its big case, but the feds stepped in immediately after the decision.

Grist on the Ground

Snapshots from the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance

This week, we witnessed tribal and environmental activists gathering in North Dakota in resistance of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Grist on the ground

Dakota Access pipeline’s private security unleashed attack dogs and sprayed mace on protesters.

Tensions escalate ahead of a big court date Friday.

down the pipeline

Dozens more arrested fighting massive Midwestern oil pipeline.

Nearly 40 people were arrested during non-violent direct actions on Wednesday.

There’s a new mega-pipeline in town. Here’s why it has so many protesters in the trenches.

A court battle is one of the last obstacles remaining in Dakota Access' way.

midwestern battles

Pipeline company gets nasty as it tries to push huge new project through sensitive lands

Police and protesters face off as construction begins on one of the biggest pipelines proposed since Keystone XL.

bird brains

Climate change turns birds into cannibals

As food becomes scarce, gulls in Washington state are turning to their own kind.

Olympians prepare for a “petri dish of pathogens”

If Rio's waters weren't cleaned up for Olympic athletes, how can we expect they'll be cleaned up for the city's actual residents?