In his jobs speech, President Obama called for the construction of green schools and an infrastructure bank that could help create public transportation and efficient buildings.

With an average temperature of 74.5 degrees F, this summer was the second hottest on record in the U.S. (The hottest summer was in 1936, when it was 74.6 degrees F. We're gonna beat that soon.)

Google reveals its carbon footprint, which is smaller than an oil company's and about the same as a chemical company's.

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Apparently all the green jobs are in Mississippi?

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Republicans aren’t the only ones questioning why the Obama admin backed Solyndra, the failed solar company connected to an Obama donor. Reporters are sniffing around the company’s government loan terms, which more favorable than those for other clean energy companies. And the FBI raided the company's office yesterday.

Next time you need to talk about the relationship between any particular weather event and climate change, borrow this smart line from Climate Communication's Dr. Richard Somerville: "All weather events are now influenced by climate change because all weather now develops in a different environment than before."