“Which states care most about the environment?” The folks at Save On Energy, a consumer tool to search for the best electric rates in your area, sought to answer that question. The company looked at Google search data over the past 12 months for a whole bunch of enviro-related terms. Some of the results were pretty intriguing.

OK, so it probably comes as no surprise that out of all the states in the nation, California ranks No. 1 in Google searches for “eco-friendly,” “how to reuse,” “how to install solar panels,” “carpool,” and, no duh, “electric cars” (it is Tesla’s HQ, after all).

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But Texas, for instance, beat out California on “how to save energy.” Chilly Vermont topped the nation in searches for “solar power.” Colorado residents are most interested in “how to compost.” Washingtonians want to know “how to recycle.” And while it’s fitting for Maine and Iowa to hold the Nos. 1 and 2 slots for “wind power” (Iowa gets more than a quarter of its electricity from wind and Maine is on its way), who’d have thought Ohio was so into recycling, and Hawaii so into electric vehicles?

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