Although gigantic ships are relatively efficient — compared to, say, transporting massive amounts of stuff by airplane — they do use an astounding amount of fuel. The shipping industry is working on this problem. In particular, a Norwegian shipping company and a marine energy company are partnering to work on a hybrid ship, the Viking Lady.

The Viking Lady (how awesome is that name?) already has a fuel cell installed that helps reduce its energy impact. Next year it should be getting a battery. Together, those features will mean it won’t have to burn gas while it’s hanging out in port — not only saving energy, but keeping down emissions.

Will it be as creepy-quiet as a Prius is when it’s running only on battery power? The idea of a totally silent, GIGANTIC ship sneaking up behind a little dingy in the bay is … frightening. But compared to other aquatic hybrids — mermaids, sirens, Ursula the Sea Witch, that octopus-face guy from Pirates of the Caribbean — even a spooky hybrid ship is pretty reassuring.