Tesla has had a rough ride lately. A Tesla Model S on autopilot slammed into a semi-truck in May, killing the driver and prompting a federal highway safety investigation. There’s talk that the company’s yearned-for merger with Solar City might not happen, and its high-flying stock has plunged 12 percent in three months.

What better time for Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, to unveil his “Master Plan Part Deux,” which says, essentially: “Don’t look at right now! Look waay over there, in the amazing future!”

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The plan, released on Tesla’s blog Wednesday, is full of wondrous whizbangery. There will be cars so autonomous that they will earn money for you when you aren’t driving, battery-enhanced solar panels so beautiful that you will want to cuddle them, and tiny, autonomous buses that can be summoned at the push of a button. Oh, and an electric semi-truck that “will be really fun to operate.” (Slate’s Will Oremus provides more detail.)

Musk wrote that he announced this Phase 2 because Phase 1 of his plan (step one: fancy electric sports cars) is nearly complete. Based on the current state of uncertainty around Autopilot and Solar City, it seems like Phase 1 still has some ground to cover.

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