Some (predictably) bad news for my fellow millennials (aka: Snake People): Many of us cannot afford to buy a home in some of the country’s biggest metropolises. Why? Simply put: We just don’t earn enough.

Bloomberg data whizzes pulled stats from,, and the U.S. Census Bureau to find out how much more money young professionals, ages 18-34, would need to earn to afford a home in the Big City. They break their findings down in this handy infographic:

Of course, many of these expensive cities are along the coasts (hello, sea-level rise) and/or they’re in drought-plagued California. Cash-strapped snake people might consider Chicago, Austin, Memphis, or Detroit. These four cities are among the 37 Bloombergs research team deemed affordable for the average snake person home buyer.

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Want to see which other cities have more affordable housing markets for snake people? Check out Bloomberg’s full list.

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