Two new reports in British medical journals suggest that choosing the right place to raise your children can have a major impact on their health and well-being.

“Duh,” you say. But let’s look at the details.

One study says living within 650 feet of a power line may significantly increase a child’s likelihood of developing leukemia, the most common type of childhood cancer. It’s a question that’s been debated for a while now, and some researchers say the link is still weak.

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Another study says exposure to aircraft noise may impair reading comprehension, while road traffic noise may actually improve (!) memory recall abilities in schoolchildren. However, a combination of both aircraft noise and traffic noise was associated with additional stress and a reduced quality of life.

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So, to recap: living near power lines = bad; living near a busy airport = bad; living near a busy road = good (?); living on busy road near airport = bad.

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Or, if you really want to get depressed, check out all the Superfund sites located nearest your neck of the woods.

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