Mississippi blog from Memphis TNAll good things must come to an end, and the Gristissippi Road Trip is one of them. Sarah and I wrapped up our enlightening week of interviews and explorations with a visit to Beale Street (fried pie, yum!) and a beer with a Gristmill fan. As we recuperate from the trip in our respective cities, collecting our thoughts and notes for the more in-depth features to follow, I thought I’d throw down a few of the things I learned along the way. Seven, in fact, one for each day of travel:

  1. Plenty of people swim in the Mississippi, especially the upper part.
  2. There are political leaders out there with vision, energy, and the confidence and smarts to make positive change. And they’re getting ‘er done.
  3. One should never order a ponyshoe on a dare.
  4. Coordinating river protection efforts in one city is incredibly complicated — to say nothing of coordinating them along the 10-state corridor that borders the Mississippi.
  5. The Gateway Arch is as wide as it is tall, and you can feel it swaying when you’re at the top.
  6. There are Grist fans everywhere — and they rock. Thanks to those who wrote us while we were on the road, and especially to Pat for the PBR.
  7. Finally (for now), perhaps the biggest surprise of all:

Not everything is flat in Iowa