I’ve just stumbled across this supremely bold (or foolish) eco-project, and I intend to follow it. Background: It’s a proposed green condo complex with a green roof, solar panels, and efficient appliances. Yeah, yeah, blah blah … but! If you buy one (for just $2 million or so) you get a Smart car! Which you park in an underground garage that can fit only Smart cars! Which would be the world’s first garage-that-can-fit-only-a-certain-model-of-car!

It’s so crazy, I wish to hell it would work. Alas, the developers are up against maybe the worst economic situation possible in which to launch such a scheme. In their county alone (Buncombe County in the Asheville, N.C., area), seven years’ worth of high-price homes are hanging out on the market. Sigh.