Some subways in New York City are up and running today, which means even more people are thinking about actually going into work today than yesterday. But among the subways that are not running yet? The ones that run from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Instead, there are three points in Brooklyn where buses will pick up passengers and ferry them through lower Manhattan. Here is what the line looks like at one of them:

That’s one block of a six block line. On the one hand, these people look amazingly calm. On the other hand, UGH. Also, if you look in the foreground, you’ll see there are police officers there to keep people in line. For good measure, there is also a helicopter circling over my apartment (which is pretty near two of the bus pick-up points) in case, I don’t know, a riot breaks out? Or just to give rich people personal rides?

Moral: Life sucks without functional public transit. QED.

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