Good news for the three of you cities enthusiasts who are also ravers! A British company has created a spray-on street coating that soaks up UV rays during the day and spits them out at night in the form of pretty, glowy light. I hope you also like sci-fi, because it’s called Starpath:

Starpath doesn’t produce electricity, but it does offer a possible alternative to street lighting, with very low installation and maintenance costs, as it can be just sprayed onto an existing surface and then further coated to make it waterproof…

The coating is currently being trialled in Christ’s Pieces, a park in the center of Cambridge, UK, where it has been sprayed on a total area of 150 sq m (1,600 sq ft). Pro-Teq says the coating took only 30 minutes to apply, with the surface being ready for use after only four hours.

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Starpath is anti-slip and non-reflective, so basically the only thing it can’t do is beam you into another world. Check it:

It’s no yellow brick road, but if Dorothy’d been a club kid, I think she would’ve been a fan.

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