If you saw a tiger riding a two-wheeler to the office this morning, that’s because it’s Endangered Species Bike to Work Day. Wait, wait, we’re getting a memo — oh, actually, it’s both Endangered Species Day and Bike to Work Day. (Then what the hell was that tiger doing?) In honor of Bike to Work Day, bicyclists in many cities picked up free swag along their commute routes this morning. In honor of Endangered Species Day, nearly one-third of the world’s species went extinct between 1970 and 2007. That’s 25 percent of land-based wildlife, 28 percent of salt-water animals, and 29 percent of freshwater fauna, according to WWF’s Living Planet Index. But hey, look at it this way: the less animals there are, the less endangered animals there are! Let it never be said that we aren’t optimists.