London Mayor Boris Johnson unveiled a draft plan Friday to help the city mitigate and adapt to climate change. Johnson put special attention to water conservation, calling for mandatory metering, increased efficiency, improved drainage, and rainwater harvesting. He also envisions more trees and green space. Environmentalists said the adaptation strategy was a good step, but said measures to cut carbon emissions were missing from the equation. “It is essential that the capital prepares for the impacts of climate change,” says one Friends of the Earth campaigner. “But Boris Johnson is also committed to cutting London’s carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent by 2025 in order to prevent dangerous climate change, and has so far failed to explain how he will achieve this.” Some 15 percent of London is estimated to be at high risk of flooding from rising seas — an area housing 1.25 million people, 480,000 buildings, 441 schools, 75 transit stations, 10 hospitals, and an airport.