Unwilling to even walk through a part of town that’s more than 50 percent Republican? That’s a little much, dude, but luckily for you there’s a new mobile app that gives you quick, interesting, and varied information about neighborhoods. It’s called Sitegeist, and it tells you everything from the average age of neighborhood inhabitants to their voting habits and how much cash you’d have to part with if you wanted to rent or buy there.

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Sitegeist also has useful information on things like local restaurants, museums, and other potentially exciting destinations. It even tells you how many people in a given area commute by car, bike, or public transportation. And it tells you how many people feel smug for not owning a car. No, it doesn’t. But that would be a really good app, right?

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The information all comes from other apps, like Yelp, Foursquare, and the Census Bureau. But only Sitegeist manages to bring all this information together in this useful and attractive and user-friendly manner. If it would just incorporate Grindr and Blendr so we could also know how many people in a given area were cute and wanted to hook up, it might just be perfect.