Luxury SUVs are losing their cool

The jerk-offs who drive enormous, fuel-hogging luxury SUVs between their gated McMansions, plastic surgeons, and corporate-whore jobs — not that there’s anything wrong with that — are slowly but surely realizing that they are, in fact, jerk-offs. Sales of all SUVs have dropped, but luxe behemoths like the Hummer H2 are taking a particularly big hit; more than half the folks who bought them and their like are opting for something a little less jerk-offy when they return to the dealer lot. Don’t blame high gas prices — if you can afford a $60,000 personal vehicle, you can afford gas. Instead, status flaunters are starting to detect the one thing that can change their behavior: the disapproval of their peers. It seems contributing to global warming, conflict in the Middle East, and aesthetic pollution is no longer cool.