Hummers Destroyed by ELF in Southern California

Dozens of Hummer H2s and other large SUVs were burned and defaced on Friday, the result of arson and vandalism at four car dealerships in Southern California. The Earth Liberation Front, a loosely knit association of militant activists, claimed responsibility for the actions, saying they were intended to “take the profit motive” away from those who sell gas-guzzling, polluting vehicles. SUVs were spray-painted with such slogans as “fat, lazy Americans” and “I (heart) pollution.” One dealership suffered an estimated $1 million in damage. Hummer enthusiasts staged a rally outside the dealership on Sunday to show their support for the purveyors of SUVs. ELF has previously claimed responsibility for a number of other acts of arson and vandalism, most recently a fire that caused $50 million in damage at a construction site for a large, new apartment complex in San Diego. Mainstream environmental groups, and even some radicals in organizations such as Earth First!, condemn ELF’s tactics.