Carless New Yorkers have clearly gone mildly mental from subway fumes, because now that they have access to a bikeshare program they’re being really weird.

Case in point: these extremely ambitious mattress-movers.

They could have used the help of these superheroes (and Sesame Street characters), whose presence atop docked Citibikes has not been explained:

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Perhaps they’re taking a Soul Cycle (i.e., cross between spinning and Scientology) class from a rapper calling himself the Fat Jew, who’s planning to offer workout instruction to homeless people on docked Citibikes. (Gothamist is pretty sure he’s serious, and not making fun of the less-fortunate.)

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Is it the mere presence of bicycles that brings out New York’s cray? Is it the fact that they can be used for free if you don’t remove them from the dock, and perpetually cash-strapped New Yorkers seek out free stuff as efficiently as graduate students? Is it just the heat cooking everyone’s brains? We don’t care — it’s bikes plus weirdness, so that’s good enough for us.