• percentage of all endangered and threatened species in the U.S. that are harmed by grazing

• number of plant species that provide 90 percent of the world’s food supply

• percent by which wind power production has grown per year since 1990

• percentage of Earth’s original forests that remain pristine and undisturbed

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• percent increase since 1945 in the agricultural harvest lost to pesticides

• percentage of wood used in building a new home that could be saved by framing more efficiently

• percentage of the world’s endangered vertebrate species that are threatened by exotic invaders

• percent by which Americans tend to overwater their lawns

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• percentage of the CFCs in use in 1995 that were obtained on the black market

• percentage of paper produced worldwide that was discarded in the U.S. in 1994

• percentage of U.S. commuters that carpooled in 1980, compared to the 8 percent that are expected to carpool in 2000

• percentage of municipal solid waste that is food packaging

• gallons of water can be saved by putting a trigger nozzle on a hose when washing a car

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