European Parliament calls for jet-fuel tax to curb enviro impact of flying

The European Parliament has voted in favor of a jet-fuel tax to help offset the environmental impact of air travel. The consumer cost of the fuel tax would be up to about $75 per roundtrip flight within Europe. Also, as the European Union considers making airlines join the Union-wide cap-and-trade scheme for greenhouse-gas emissions, Parliament suggested that the industry enter a separate, aviation-only emissions-trading system so carriers could not simply buy up rights from other sorts of companies while continuing to pollute. The parliamentary vote has no legal weight, but supporters hope it will influence future legislation. The aviation industry is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gases, and flights within Europe are on track to triple by 2030. “Without strict and binding legislation, airlines could scupper global efforts to reverse climate change,” said British Green Party member Caroline Lucas, who authored the report adopted by the Parliament. Scupper!