U.S. cars are tops in CO2 emissions

The U.S. boasts 30 percent of the world’s cars and is responsible for almost half of global car-caused greenhouse-gas emissions, according to a new report by Environmental Defense. American-driven cars emit 15 percent more carbon dioxide per mile than the global average (meaning, in essence, they get worse gas mileage). Plus, Americans just drive more: 29 percent above the global average. In 2004, U.S. cars and light trucks drove the equivalent of the distance to and from Pluto … more than 470 times. Small cars in toto emit more CO2 than SUVs because there are more of them, but lead author John DeCicco predicts SUVs will become a larger percentage of the U.S. car fleet over the next few years, as older cars are scrapped while relatively recent SUVs stay on the road. Environmental Defense hopes the report will encourage the feds to consider higher fuel-economy standards and emissions caps. We’re not holding our breath. Or rather, we’re just holding it to avoid inhaling the fumes.