Wow, is there nothing Google can’t do? Street View can take you under the ocean, to the surface of Mars, around the South Pole, inside an abandoned Fukushima town, and up some difficult hiking trails. And now, one Oregon man’s experience suggests that it can bring back the dead. Well, in a really limited sense, anyway.

Dustin Moore and his brother were zooming in on their late grandma’s house on Street View when they noticed a figure on the porch. It was grandma, alive and enjoying the weather on her porch (and not even toting her cane).


And Moore isn’t by a long shot the only person to locate dead relatives on Street View. This Reddit thread is full of similar stories — best friends, dads, Isaac Brock (who is alive, and also that one might be a lie?). Perhaps in the future we’ll all be immortal, if only on Google Maps.

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