Last weekend’s heat played havoc with transportation in the D.C. area, but at least we got some cool photos out of the chaos. The  heat-buckled highway was just a heat-buckled highway — they’ve been all over the country this summer — but check out this plane sinking four inches into the tarmac at Reagan National Airport:

That photo was taken by Reddit user pdugaw. It gets a lot bigger if you click, but we’ll spare you the trouble with this close-up:

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The high temperatures also caused a “heat kink” in the D.C. metro tracks, on the Green Line, which is my line, so you can imagine I was thrilled. Here’s what that looks like — and yes, this is all due to ambient heat, not pranksters who roam with welding torches by night or anything like that:

Photo courtesy of WMATA.

As you might intuit, that nonsense caused a train to derail, hurting nobody but pissing off many.

We certainly haven’t seen the last of climate-related transportation BS. As warming continues, we hope to see disruption in increasingly more interesting modes of transport, such as pogo sticks wilting, hot air balloons catapulting into the stratosphere due to an overabundance of hot air, and zeppelins spontaneously combusting. (Too soon?)

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