FACES logoYet another pro-coal group has popped up to rally folks against climate action. The Federation for American Coal, Energy and Security — or FACES of Coal — joins a growing list of “grassroots” groups formed to support fossil fuels.

The “faces” shown on the group’s website include a smiling flower vender, a child playing golf, a family with a baby, and a grandmother waving an American flag. Shockingly, no coal miners, residents of homes destroyed by mountaintop-removal mining, or asthmatic children are featured.

FACES says it’s an “an alliance of people from all walks of life” united by their belief in the importance of coal. “In addition to keeping tens of thousands of people employed in good-paying jobs, coal is the lifeblood of our domestic energy supply, generating half the electricity consumed in the United States today,” says its website.

The group intends to “make sure local, state and federal lawmakers and people around the country know the facts about coal and understand how important coal mining is to the region” of Appalachia.

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The alliance grew out of a deep concern shared by business and community leaders in the region that outside groups are determined to end coal mining in Appalachia. They worry that pressure from radical groups, combined with arbitrary government delays of mining permits, will result in severe job cuts, local and state government budget crises, and increased dependence on foreign countries for America’s energy supply.

FACES is allied with Friends of Coal, Coal Mining Our Future and the Coalition for Mountaintop Mining .

Grist tried to find out more about FACES, as the website does not list members or funders. The only contact information listed is an email address, and our email inquiry bounced back.

Are there any actual faces behind FACES?

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h/t to Ken Ward

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