How self-destructively anti-science are the next generation of conservatives? The New Republic’s Bradford Plumer visited the booths at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in DC and reported this:

The Collegians For a Constructive Tomorrow let passersby hurl eggs at pinup photos of Al Gore and Penn State paleoclimatologist Michael Mann; I saw one girl chuck an egg so vehemently that she has to leap back to avoid the splatter.

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Yes, not content with being a small part of the most successful disinformation campaign in human history, CFACT delights in throwing eggs at photos of our Nobel prize-winning former vice president and one of the country’s top climatologists — two much-vindicated climate hawks whose only crime is trying to provide accurate information to the public and policymakers in an effort to preserve a livable climate for the next generation, including the ignorant young woman depicted here.

I saw this item at The Hill and figured somebody over at the CFACT website would have gleefully have tweeted some photo.  Sure enough, “CPAC attendees are having a blast egging Al Gore”  I guess they don’t call it “twitpic” for nothing.

The group is more properly named Collegians For a Destructive Tomorrow because once you ruin a livable climate, you pretty much start to destroy all other living things:

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