With Hurricane Irene, now a tropical storm, going relatively easy on Gotham, some New Yorkers are feeling ripped off. The New York Times quotes several locals furiously white-whining about extra batteries, too much tuna fish, and the general "buzz kill" of not being subject to death and property damage. 

But don't worry, New York, plenty of other people and towns got destroyed! There was the good Samaritan who died saving a 5-year-old, and the 20-year-old woman who drowned in her car, and at least 24 others.  Vermont experienced its worst flooding in a century. Above, you can see floodwaters overpower a covered bridge near Hartland, Vt. That one ended up mostly washed away — if you need to see what that looks like, here's another video of a 140-year-old bridge succumbing to the flood. And at about 2:38 in this video, you can watch a car get washed downstream. (Update: The Atlantic has also collected some staggering pictures.) That media hype — pretty powerful!

So basically: No chair pictures this time, sorry guys.

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