In one of my other lives, I’m a bit of a tech/computer/gadget geek, though by the high standards of online dorkdom, a mere amateur. Those interests don’t overlap with my gristmillian preoccupations all that often — but today, twice:

First, an amusing post on reveals that the avatars used in MMORPGs use as much energy — in hardware and server cycles — as the typical Brazilian. (If the preceding sentence means nothing to you, well, perhaps it’s time to go outside and shout at the kids to get off your lawn.)

Second, ecogeek draws our attention to a truly drool-worthy new piece of hardware: the LG Ebook, which just won a Red Dot Award for design. Its display uses organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), which use much less energy than today’s LCD monitors. And it’s powered by methyl alcohol rather than lithium-ion batteries; the alcohol is stored in a blue-tinted cylinder that also serves as the hinge. Have a look:

LG Ebook

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It’s just a concept machine for now, and would probably cost a kajillion dollars if sold on the open market. But it’s a nice glimpse of what’s coming down the computer pike.

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