You’ll want to get a good look at this cute-as-a-button Playboy (related) Bunny. Her likes include: long walks sort of near the beach, salads, and breeding. Her dislikes include: cats, climate change.

Check her out below the fold!

This is the Sivilagus palustris hefneri, a “medium-sized dark brown rabbit” named after Hugh Hefner, which is as close to being extinct as the objectification of women should rightfully be. But life’s not fair, and the bunnies are dwindling while creepy old dudes somehow keep ruling media and the world.

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The bunny, more properly called the Lower Keys marsh rabbit, “was identified as a separate species in the 1980s, based on research funded by the Playboy Foundation,” according to Take Part. (Who wants to bet that the foundation only funded environmental research on cute bunnies? Eh? Any takers?) It lives in the Florida keys, on the higher bits of marshy land, and that limited habitat is disappearing as seas rise.

Take Part notes:

The naming of new species after celebrities and notable individuals is nothing new to the scientific community, and when it’s done for an endangered species, it often helps bring attention to its plight.

You’ve got us there! We will never pass up an opportunity to joke how Hugh Hefner’s just so good at protecting bunnies and also at reinforcing damaging gender norms.

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