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From 2010 through 2016, the Obama administration released four editions of a report entitled “Climate Change Indicators in the U.S.” A detailed look at dozens of variables documenting worldwide changes resulting from global warming, the report functioned as a public informational resource, a guiding star for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decisions, and a clarion call to action. The very first report in 2010 was unequivocal about humans’ role in climate change. “Evidence of human influences on climate change has become increasingly clear and compelling,” it declared.

Then, after the fourth biennial report in 2016, Donald Trump assumed the presidency. The climate change indicators website, which was previously updated every six months with new data, languished for years. One staffer told the trade publication E&E News that staff weren’t allowed to update the website and that political appointees were afraid changes to the site would be reported in the news, which could draw the ire of then-President Trump. During all four years of his tenure, the Trump administration didn’t bother to publish any new editions of the report, either.

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