This weekend, thousands of people around the world protested for climate action in at least 50 cities, urging the governments meeting at the United Nations climate conference in Bali, Indonesia, to get serious about curbing climate change. An estimated 10,000 people protested in London, marching through the streets to rally outside the U.S. embassy, emphasizing their particular disdain for obstructionist U.S. climate policy. Others marched and rallied in Auckland, New Zealand; Athens, Greece; Berlin, Germany; Fairbanks, Alaska; Helsinki, Finland; Manila, Philippines; and more. Cyclists, skiers, and swimmers made appearances at various rallies, as did activists in the requisite polar-bear costume. The award for best, most succinct protest sign goes to: “There is no Planet B.” The coolest T-shirt award, of course, goes to “Dude, we are that frog.”

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Trafalgar Square, London.

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Photo: lewishamdreamer