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A coal train operated by freight giant CSX derailed in Ellicott City, Md., this morning. From the Baltimore Sun:

Two people have died following the partial derailment of a CSX train carrying coal and traveling through Ellicott City around midnight Tuesday — the second partial derailment this month in Howard County on the railway’s Old Main Line. …

Emergency workers found that 21 cars of an 80-car train had derailed or overturned. According to the police, the train cars were carrying coal and contained no hazardous materials.

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According to police and other county officials, rescue workers found two people dead in the wreckage at the scene, and some of the derailed train cars crushed vehicles parked nearby. …

According to an Associated Press report, the people who were killed were on the tracks at the time of the accident and were not railroad employees.

In a response offering its condolences, CSX indicates that the train was comprised of “two locomotives and 80 loaded coal cars traveling from Grafton, West Virginia, to Baltimore, Maryland.”

According to the Sun this is the third accident involving a CSX train in Maryland this month alone. The Post notes that “no hazardous materials were spilled.”

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Update: Here’s the enormously sad story of the two girls who were killed.