CIA investing in “plug and play” clean power generator

Warning: this blurb will self-destruct in five seconds. It seems clean energy has a spooky new backer. The CIA is investing, via a venture capital firm, in a Virginia start-up called SkyBuilt, which has developed a clean electricity generator for use in the field. The Mobile Power Station uses solar panels and wind turbines to generate up to 150 kilowatts of electricity, with batteries for backup. It’s enough to power a small emergency medical facility or military field-operations center, and could easily help power communications and other vital services in disaster-relief situations. The stations are “plop and drop, plug and play,” according to SkyBuilt VP Scott Sklar, created from widely available components and packed into standard-size shipping containers that can be delivered via boat, truck, or even laser-guided parachute. Of course, now that we’ve told you this, we have to kill you.