Florida governor to enact big energy and emission plans

What’s the greenest state in the U.S.? By Friday, it could be Florida. Republican Gov. Charlie Crist is hosting a two-day climate summit in Miami, and will wrap up the event by signing three sweeping eco-executive orders. His plans include adopting California’s strict vehicle-emissions law, making Florida the first Southeast state to go that route; calling for a 40 percent reduction in statewide greenhouse-gas emissions by 2025; and requiring state agencies to prioritize fuel efficiency when buying or renting vehicles and to hold events in facilities certified as green by the state Department of Environmental Protection. Crist is also asking state utilities to produce 20 percent of their power from renewables, and creating a Florida Governor’s Action Team on Energy and Climate Change. Whew! “When you look at the southeast of our country, there hasn’t been a whole lot of action,” Crist says. “Maybe we can be the point of the spear as it relates to making a difference, striving to lead by example.”