Kudos to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas — they really understand what the internet says about human psychology. Instead of even trying to use science, economics, or statistics to convince people to stop cooling their homes to 65 degrees while they’re at work, ERCOT is skipping all that nonsense and going straight to what motivates people: Cat videos and ladies in bustiers.

The cat one is of course much more convincing, since people will always do what cats say, as evidenced by the popularity of cheeseburgers. (You guys I think that might not be a real cat paw though.)

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But ERCOT wants to cover all bases, and they’re obviously aware that there are sections of the internet that are primarily motivated by goofy dance videos, and also sections that are primarily motivated by women’s legs. For efficiency, they’ve combined the two.

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Now, you’d better start turning your thermostat up by two degrees, or ERCOT will be forced to break out the big guns. When you have to sit through the Auto-Tuned “Call Me Maybe” parody lip-dub performed by owls, you’re going to wish you’d listened to those cats.