When the media talks about clean energy, it usually deals with the cost issue with a rational, balanced analysis. Something along the lines of, say, “It’s so expensive!

Yet somehow, in Keith Johnson’s Environmental Capital blog post today slamming greens for not supporting nukes, the cost issue is little more than an afterthought. The nuclear industry wants $50 billion in loan guarantees? Hardly seems worth mentioning.

A full 320 words into a 346 word post, Johnson shares this insight:

Plus, nuclear power’s not cheap.

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Oh, really? Glad he managed to squeeze that five-word footnote in. Johnson also finds the space to devote a whole 20 words to the fact that we have no idea what to do with all the waste that remains radioactive for a quarter of a million years or so. Apparently left on the cutting room floor: Nuclear uses massive amounts of water at a time of tightening water supplies. But hey, I guess there are major space constraints with this whole blogging thing.