We suggest that while reading this blurb, you take a drink at every mention of “efficient” or “efficiency.” And go! California, Oregon, and Connecticut are taking the lead in improving energy efficiency, according to the 2008 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard released by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. In the face of high energy prices, fear about energy security, and climate change, ACEEE rated states on “a wide range of the proven effective and readily available efficiency strategies,” including building codes, transportation and land-use policies, utility efficiency programs, appliance efficiency standards, financial incentives for efficient technologies, and support for research. Oh-so-efficient Vermont, New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New Jersey rounded out the top ten. At the bottom: Not-so-efficient West Virginia, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alabama, and Wyoming. Now, anyone know an efficient way to cure a hangover?