Those clever people over at Climate Central have done it again. These are the folks who broke the news that, by 2100, Phoenix will be as hot as Kuwait City. They observed, astutely, that downtown Las Vegas already feels like Kuwait City most days. And now they’re back, telling us, hey! No need to move to Florida when we retire! By the time many of us Northerners are ready to while away our final days chilling with umbrella drinks in the shade of palm trees, Florida will have come to us.

Here’s what they did: Using climate models, they looked at roughly 700 U.S. cities, and projected how many fewer freezing nights they’ll experience at the end of the century than they do today. (You can read about their methodology here.)

What’d they find? Boston, currently buried by blizzards (and getting burrieder by the day), will have winters like the ones in Marietta, Ga., today. Minneapolis will feel like Asheville, N.C. Portland, Ore., will score San Luis Obispo’s secondhand seasons. Here, type your hometown into Climate Central’s handy interactive infographic and see what your winters will be like. (Just don’t look at Seattle. The horror!)

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Great news, right? Unless you happen to like skiing, ice hockey, cuffing, eating fruit, world peace, and other nice things.

On the bright side, it’ll be like a little bit of the Sunshine State coming north each winter for each and every one of us. And that, my friends, is a very good thing. Just make a little extra room in the backyard pool for the wayward manatees.

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