No, you couldn’t make this one up.

It’s a meeting, starting Sunday, of hundreds of "scientists" and propagandists, convening to denounce the proposition that global warming is real.

It’s like a gathering of the Flat Earth Society. Or, since this meeting literally is taking place on Broadway, it recalls the great Preston Jones play, The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia, which did run briefly on Broadway.

The meeting is under the aegis of the Heartland Institute, a corporate-funded outfit which, among other things, funnels "free-enterprise" propaganda to malleable state lawmakers.

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Many of the organizing sponsors and speakers have financial history with big companies such as ExxonMobil. Even some of the "international" co-sponsors (such as the Alternate Solutions Institute of Pakistan) receive money from foundations that have received money from ExxonMobil. (Pakistan!?)

So get ready for a celebration of hot air — and see if they denounce Galileo while they are at it.

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