Brits look to public-service ads and tidal power to cut carbon emissions

On the heels of recent predictions that the U.K. will not meet its Kyoto targets, and a more recent report that the results of global warming will be “disastrous” for the country, Brits are casting about for new ways to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. The government is undertaking a big ad campaign in print, on billboards, and possibly on TV, warning of the dangers of climate change and urging citizens to reduce their energy use by taking such steps as buying greener cars and turning down their thermostats. Also, with Denmark beating them in the race for wind power and Japan winning the race for solar, the U.K. hopes to become the global leader in developing technology to harness the power of ocean tides. The total tidal power available to Britain has been estimated at roughly double its energy consumption. Wave farms, unlike wind turbines, are not visible, residing beneath the waves, and thus don’t mar views.