Canada won’t make Kyoto emissions targets; blames targets

Canada is nearly 30 percent above its greenhouse-gas emissions targets under the Kyoto Protocol, so it’s redoubling efforts to … abandon the targets. New Environment Minister Rona Ambrose, of the less-than-ambitious Conservative Party that took power in February, concludes “it is impossible, impossible for Canada to reach its Kyoto target.” Instead, she says, Canadians need to discuss “action and solutions … that are out by 50, 100 years, not two years, five years.” Bold leadership there. Ambrose is presiding over the next round of Kyoto talks in Bonn, Germany, next month and plans to challenge the international focus on emissions targets. A new study finds that Canada could reach its Kyoto targets through bioenergy technology, but it’s unlikely to get much of a hearing from a government that’s apparently already cut spending on climate-change programs by some 40 percent.