Japan will encourage office workers to bundle up for the winter

Japan’s summer “Cool Biz” campaign, which encourages office workers to shed their coats and ties and wear lighter clothing so less energy need be spent on air conditioning, has proven such a success that now the nation’s Environment Ministry is plotting to follow it up with a “Warm Biz” campaign for fall and winter. Businesses will be asked to keep the heat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the cooler seasons, and employees will be asked to dress cozily. The “Cool Biz” campaign has been a boon to men’s clothing stores, which have reported brisk sales in bright-colored polo shirts, light slacks, and coordinating accessories. Now retailers can look forward to hawking turtleneck sweaters, thick socks, and clothes that can be layered for warmth. “There are various combinations of dress that we envision,” said an Environment Ministry official, “but thermal underwear is definitely going to be crucial.”