When Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf Coast, it stirred up not just gale-force winds and untold misery, but a host of difficult environmental questions. How did heedless coastal development exacerbate the hurricane’s toll? What’s behind the socio-economic disparity in environmental planning — and emergency response to environmental disasters? Did global warming make the storm more intense? What new ecological problems does the Gulf Coast face in the wake of Katrina? Is there a smart way to build a city below sea level in hurricane country?

In the upcoming weeks and months, Grist will tackle these topics and more. Check this page for updates on our Katrina-related coverage.

  • Any Report in a Storm, 01 Sep 2005
    Prominent environmental journalists tell us how they’ve covered the connection between climate change and Katrina.
  • The Cyclone Ranger, 07 Sep 2005
    A bona fide climate expert explains the scientific consensus on the connection between hurricanes and global warming.
  • Meet the New Loss, 07 Sep 2005
    Bill McKibben says that Katrina’s aftermath may not “look like America” to us now, but in an age of climate chaos, we’d better get used to it.
  • Race to the Bottom, 08 Sep 2005
    The inequitable treatment of poor African-Americans in the aftermath of Katrina was no surprise to environmental-justice advocates.
  • Recipe for Disaster, 09 Sep 2005
    A cartoon by Mark Wilson suggests Bush’s post-Katrina plans may be half-baked.
  • Big Dreams for the Big Easy, 15 Sep 2005
    Timothy Lange outlines a plan for building a new Eco New Orleans.
  • If You Don’t Like the Climate, Wait a Minute, 15 Sep 2005
    The Weather Channel’s climate reporter chats about Katrina, sexing up global warming, and more.
  • Drill Bill: Vol. 2, 17 Sep 2005
    Muckraker examines the raft of energy proposals being floated post-Katrina — some green, most not.
  • Chevy to the Levees, 04 Oct 2005
    David Helvarg takes a drive into hurricane-ravaged New Orleans and sends a dispatch.
  • A New Hope, 05 Oct 2005
    A young activist worries about a future full of Katrinas, and remembers her responsibility to have hope.
  • You’ve Got Nail, 10 Oct 2005
    Umbra Fisk tells you how best to help the Gulf Coast rebuild greenly.
  • Hung Out to Dry, 11 Oct 2005
    Osha Gray Davidson finds that while Post-Katrina floodwaters are dirty, the state of other U.S. waterways is nothing to brag about.
  • Atlantic Records, 20 Oct 2005
    We round up a whirlwind of stats about this year’s record-setting hurricane season.
  • We Rebuilt This City, 24 Oct 2005
    Eco-experts, community activists, and bigwigs weigh in on how best to rebuild New Orleans.
  • Storm Riders, 11 Nov 2005
    A rundown of green plans and brown bills proposed post-Katrina.
  • Unnatural Disasters, 18 Nov 2005
    Where might the next Katrina hit? A map of potential disaster spots in the U.S.

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