Wherefore art thou destructive drilling?

BP or Not to BP

On Sunday, this rabble-rousing crew flash-mobbed on the Great Court of London’s British Museum, which is currently hosting a Shakespeare exhibition sponsored by British Petroleum. It was the ninth and final performance for the approximately 200 members of the Reclaim Shakespeare Company, who treated the museum to an adorably literary chant of, “Double, double, oil is trouble, tar sands burn as greenwash bubbles.”

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From the group’s site, BP or Not to BP:

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This was the ninth and final pop-up performance this season by the Reclaim Shakespeare Company, a group who have come together in opposition to BP’s sponsorship of the World Shakespeare Festival. They have been particularly critical of BP’s branding of several plays by the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), and the British Museum’s ‘Shakespeare: Staging the World’ exhibition.

During their season of theatrical protests, the Reclaim Shakespeare Company have invaded the stage three times at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, and once each at the Roundhouse, Noel Coward Theatre and Riverside Studios in London. They have also performed uninvited twice before at BP-branded Shakespeare events at the British Museum. Performances have attracted support and applause from audiences, staff and even RSC performers.

The protests at the RSC appear to have been successful. Following these interventions, the RSC last week stated that: “We have no further sponsorship [with BP] confirmed”. Next year’s programme of plays has been announced, and none are sponsored by BP.

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The full performance script is at the link above, for those interested in reenacting the glory at home. Please send us photos of your brilliant homemade BP-logo Shakespearean collars.