Admit it, climate change is the kind of problem that leaves you wondering, “What the heck can any one person do about it?”

That’s exactly how Patrick Holden said he felt about it during the “Climate Change and Food” panel discussion last week at the Slow Food Nation conference in San Francisco. Holden has been an organic farmer for 30 years, and in his spare time runs Britain’s Soil Association, which makes and enforces organic standards in the U.K.

Holden’s feeling about global warming changed, he said, when the concrete reality of high energy prices came crashing down on his farm in Wales. Holden said the steps he was forced to take on his farm in response to soaring gas prices amounted to just the sort of concrete action that people around the world can take to cut their dependence on carbon.

I caught up with Holden after the panel discussion. Apologies for the audio quality:

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