On Thursday night, Elon Musk held court in California to introduce the world to Tesla Motors’ highly anticipated electric vehicle, the Tesla Model 3. The company says the sleek car will drive 215 miles per charge, yet is still more affordable price than your average electric car — in other words, it is an electric car intended for a mass market.

A main thrust of Musk’s pitch, as reporters at the event noted, was what electric cars can do to curb reliance on oil, and slow the rapid increase in global carbon dioxide emissions. He even included a mini-lesson on carbon pollution: a graph of the rise in global CO2 emissions.

See that sharp line headed straight up? “That line is going to keep going for some time in the future,” Musk said. “It’s really important. It makes a difference if we accelerate the transition to sustainable transport.”

Heading to roads near you in late 2017, the Model 3 will also herald more charging stations along with it, as many as 15,000, Musk said. If you want your own car, you’d better hurry. As of last night, 115,000 Tesla Model 3’s had already been pre-ordered online.

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