Get ready for the newest summer blockbuster. No, it’s not Jurassic World — it’s even bigger, crazier, and more action packed: a religious document issued by the pope. The new encyclical is set to address climate change and humanity’s moral obligation to fight it. But unlike any encyclical ever issued before, this one has an epic (unofficial) movie trailer. Yup, as if you needed any more reason to believe that the pope is supremely badass. (Just so we’re clear — seeing as one non-Christian Grist staffer got a little confused — this isn’t actually Pope Francis, just a really agile lookalike.) The video was created by Brazilian climate action group Observatório do Clima.

Noteworthy moments:

  1. Game of Thrones-esque theme music
  2. Big Oil exec super villains, complete with eye patches
  3. The pope boxes, trains with Jesus, and blesses solar panels